Jurassic World


Jurassic World is weird movie, kind of. It definitely has the feel of the original, but that ends there. However, it has a lot of things it has added the movie, making it different. And that’s ambiguous.

After a sleepless Friday night, I finally got to the cinema. My friend and I got the tickets, heading to the TSAR Lounge, not knowing what to expect. I had little to no knowledge about the film. I wanted to be surprised so I ignored most of the trailers and featurettes. I did not know what to expect. As the film opens with hatching eggs, we see the birth of a new movie series that has been coming for over a decade. Now having seen the film, I can assure you it’s two hours you can surely enjoy if you don’t dig deep.

The movie follows two kids who go to visit their aunt Clare (Bryce Dallas Howard), who happens to be the operation manager at the park. She’s bringing in investors to fund her new attraction, Indominus Rex. While she prepares the dinosaur for its launch, she meets difficulties. Owen Grady (Chris Pratt), who has successfully trained four velociraptors, is called in for his opinion, but just before he can see and analyse the monster, it escapes. This lets hell loose, literally.

Following Spielberg’s example, Trevorrow builds tension talking about the hybrid before fully revealing it. The film has a fair share of iconic moments that could, some day, become the hallmark of the franchise. Speaking of the original, you should rehash your memories because you can catch a handful of references to it. When it comes to directing in general, there is little to no shaky cam used which is refreshing. Nowadays it’s rare to see a film where the action isn’t blurred by constant judders. Also the CGI was seamless for the most part with a few exceptions. In addition, you should be prepared to start sobbing during one of the revelations.


Much like the original, we have likable characters, some of which have actual development. Chris Pratt proves he is a great actor and can carry the film. He is so charismatic and comedic; he says quite a few of jokes that land. Vincent D’Onofrio plays a prominent role and does a stellar job at it. Bryce is really good too, but her character was plain bad. She is made so stereotypical for a woman in the 90s. She’s weak and cannot survive on her own. However, that changes a little at the end of the movie. The kids are really fun to watch because of their dynamic relationship, although at times they are incredibly stupid and irritating.

My major problem with the film has no connection to these things. It is the plot, I felt as if I was watching two movies – one about the debut of a new attraction at the park and the other on whether the dinosaurs should be genetically modified and used as killing machines during war. Now, I won’t have this problem if those ideas were fleshed out more, but they would have needed a 4 hour movie to do so. The two films meet somewhere midway. Nevertheless, the climax of the story is just as exciting and action-packed as needed.

Jurassic World is the best transition from an indie director to a blockbuster one with half a thousand times higher budget. Trevorrow did not get over his head and has delivered a great, exciting thrill ride, but also gets across an important, widely known message: Humans should not meddle in nature’s job.

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One thought on “Jurassic World

  1. You hit the nail on the head sir! Good but not great. It was easily the best one since the original film. Plus it absolutely infuriated me how Claire (Bryce) never broke her indestructible heels (some seriously durable shoes!) and not to mention all the shameless Mercedes Benz product placement. 7.5/10 for me.

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