Do you use Skype? Regularly? Or facebook, or youtube? If you do, this film might freak you out a bit, maybe more.

Unfriended follows six friends who have a video conference call and some stranger has added themselves to the conversation, only as someone who chats. They try to kick the creeper out, to hang up on him and they do all, but succeed. Then, a ton of stuff goes down.

Now, don’t go into this, expecting some beautiful cinematography, lighting and whatnot. It’s not that kind of movie; actually, there is nothing quite like it. Everything takes place on a Mac screen.

The director is Levan Gabriadz and is produced by Blumhouse Productions. What the creators have managed to capture is the way Skype, and the internet in general, works. It has all these glitches while making a call, it’s not the perfect 4K conversation we’re used to seeing presented in movies. The most terrifying part is that everything looks extremely realistic and natural. The revelations and the dialogue are incredibly believable and plausible.

Well, like every movie there are a few inconsistencies, but those can be easily overlooked in favour of the overall great acting and originality of this particular feature.

Unfriended is a surprisingly good peace of cinema which combines originality with great acting, with down-to-earth setting for a movie where Skype is presented in the way it actually works and manages to get you creeped out.


4.5 out of 5 stars


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