Review Policy

For books:

If you are an author, publisher, editor or publicist who would like me to review your book, I am accepting variety of genres for review, including young adult, adult and some graphic novels. You can contact me at: via e-mail or the contact form down below.

I accept ARCs and finished copies, and also e-books. I also accept pdf format or audio books. If the book is part of a series, then I may also need prequels to it. While I do accept e-books, I do prefer physical copies of books.

For films and TV shows: 

If you are a director, studio, network, producer etc., I accept almost all genres for review.

I will always write genuine review, whether it be negative or positive, I will always give my honest opinion on the book and will read the book within a two weeks from the moment I have received a copy (after I have said I will read and review it). If I haven’t done so, feel free to send me a reminder email.

How to request?

For books:

When requesting, please include in your email release date, summary of the story, format of the book you would be sending, time frame for the review and ISBN.

For films and TV shows:

Upon the request, please include the film or TV show’s name, main cast, director, writer and release date.

For an example review you can check one of my reviews. I include my thoughts, praises and critique as well as a rating in maximum five stars.

Thank you for being considerate and reading my policy before sending me a book, film or TV show for review!


If you wish to give me a book, film or a TV show as a present (doesn’t matter, if it is yours or other author’s), I do not guarantee a review, but still would be very happy about it and appreciate it a lot. As presents though, I accept only physical copies of books. In order to get an address to send a gift to, please contact me via email –